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Graphical Abstracts

The use of a visually appealing graphical abstract boosts the article's readership by grabbing the reader's attention. It also provides a concise overview of the work presented in the paper. It has been generally observed that an article's viewership and citations improve when it has a graphical abstract.

Authors must submit a unique image that accurately depicts the work reported in the paper. Each manuscript must contain a graphical abstract in the Table of Contents (TOC).

Graphical abstracts should be uploaded as a separate file in our Online Manuscript Processing System (MPS), using the "Graphical Abstract" drop-down list when uploading files. It must not be embedded in the main manuscript file.

Please keep in mind that, just like each paper, each graphical abstract should be original.

The illustration of the graphical abstract should have a clear beginning and conclusion for ease of browsing, preferably "reading" from top to bottom or left to right. As much as possible, try to eliminate distracting and cluttered aspects.

Guidelines for Graphical Abstracts:

The Graphical abstracts must be provided according to the following guideline:

  • Graphical abstracts must be provided as an electronic file separately (preferred file types are EPS, PDF, TIFF, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and CDX, etc.).
  • Along with the illustration, include a title and a brief description of no more than 50 words. This helps to summarise the contents of the paper in a concise, pictorial manner. It is designed to assist readers in focusing on the substance of the articles by making it easier to skim through them quickly.
  • It will be listed along with the manuscript title, authors’ names and affiliations on the contents page, typeset within an area of 5 cm by 17 cm.
  • The image file must include any text or labels. Do not include any unnecessary white space or a headline like "graphical abstract” within the image file.
  • Furthermore, it should ideally not be similar to the paper's Figure or simply a superposition of numerous subfigures. It should be noted that the Graphical abstract must be original and unpublished.
Permission to Reuse Third Party Content:
  • Authors must credit the source of the image, and they may need to get permission unless the author or his / her collaborator generates an entirely unique figure for the paper.
  • Redrawing or changing a figure, as well as replotting data to generate a figure that looks identical to a previously published version, do not change who owns the copyright.
  • Authors must acquire permission of the copyright holder of a source figure and recognize that their work is based on the source authors’.
  • In the caption, include all applicable sources, citations, and/or any information related to permissions.

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Examples of Graphical Abstracts:
Graphical Abstract 1
Graphical Abstract 2
Graphical Abstract 3
Graphical Abstract 4
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