Nanopharmacology and Nanotoxicology: Clinical Implications and Methods

Potential Solutions for Nanotoxicology

Author(s): Babak Sokouti, Vahid Bagheri, Ali Jahanban-Esfahlan* and Ahad Mokhtarzadeh *

Pp: 207-238 (32)

DOI: 10.2174/9789815079692123010012

* (Excluding Mailing and Handling)


Concerns regarding possible toxicological effects on human health and the environment have arisen as nanomaterials (NMs) result from various substances that have become more widely used in various sectors mainly industry, environment, and medicine. This chapter provides a thorough examination of nanotoxicology and nanosafety approaches concerning NMs upon their development and subsequent implementations. The importance of emerging toxicological strategies developed over the last few decades for the evaluation of NMs toxicity including cell culture studies (in vitro), living organisms (in vivo), and computational methods (in silico) following the advantages/disadvantages of each technique is addressed. A comprehensive overview to reduce the NMs toxicity and the most common approaches adopted up to now mostly focused on medical considerations are also presented here.

Keywords: Computational approaches, In silico, In vitro, In vivo, Nanomaterials.

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