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Review Article

Exploring the Pharmacological Potential of Lobelia trigona and its Bioactive Compounds

Author(s): Ankita Moharana, Priyabati Choudhury, Snigdha Rani Behera, Pratik Kumar Vishwakarma, Shivendra Mani Tripathi* and Shobhit Prakash Srivastava*

Volume 5, 2024

Published on: 04 March, 2024

Article ID: e040324227605 Pages: 11

DOI: 10.2174/0126659786278190240214062949

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Aim: The aim of this in-depth review is to provide an overview of the pharmacological effects of Lobelia trigona and its bioactive components, highlighting its potential as a source of medicinal agents for various diseases.

Methods: This review involved a comprehensive analysis of existing literature and research studies on the pharmacological effects of Lobelia trigona and its bioactive compounds. A bibliography survey was carried out using various electronic databases like Google Scholar, ScienceDirect, Springer, Scopus, PubMed, Wiley, etc., and other offline as well as online academic libraries were also used for the bibliography survey and compilation of data.

Results: Lobelia trigona was found to exhibit diverse pharmacological effects, primarily mediated by bioactive alkaloids, such as lobeline, lobelanidine, and lobelanine. It demonstrated bronchodilator effects with potential applications in respiratory conditions, analgesic and antiinflammatory properties for treating painful and inflammatory conditions, and cardiovascular effects, including vasodilation and hypotensive effects. The alkaloid lobeline was reported to have promising anti-addictive effects, particularly in smoking cessation. Nanocarrier-based formulations have the potential to address limitations, improve dosing schedules, and enhance the pharmacological effects of Lobelia trigona.

Conclusion: Lobelia trigona demonstrates diverse pharmacological effects, primarily attributed to its bioactive alkaloids. It holds promise as a source of medicinal agents for a range of diseases. The potential synergy between the pharmacological effects of Lobelia trigona and nanocarrier technology highlights the significance of nanotechnology in improving Lobelia trigona-based therapeutics. However, further research is warranted to determine the clinical effectiveness, safety, biocompatibility, and long-term effects of nanocarrier-based Lobelia trigona formulations in different disease models.

Keywords: Lobelia trigona, yellow lobelia, lobelanidine, pharmacological effects, nanotechnology, disease.

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