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Recent Advances in Anti-Infective Drug Discovery


ISSN (Print): 2772-4344
ISSN (Online): 2772-4352

Review Article

Recent Advances in Therapeutic Approaches Against Ebola Virus Infection

Author(s): Molisha Soni, Kartik Tulsian, Parv Barot and Vivek Kumar Vyas*

Volume 19, Issue 4, 2024

Published on: 24 January, 2024

Page: [276 - 299] Pages: 24

DOI: 10.2174/0127724344267452231206061944

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Background: Ebola virus (EBOV) is a genus of negative-strand RNA viruses belonging to the family Filoviradae that was first described in 1976 in the present-day Democratic Republic of the Congo. It has intermittently affected substantial human populations in West Africa and presents itself as a global health menace due to the high mortality rate of patients, high transmission rate, difficult patient management, and the emergence of complicated autoimmune disease-like conditions post-infection.

Objective: EBOV or other EBOV-like species as a biochemical weapon pose a significant risk; hence, the need to develop both prophylactic and therapeutic medications to combat the virus is unquestionable.

Methods: In this review work, we have compiled the literature pertaining to transmission, pathogenesis, immune response, and diagnosis of EBOV infection. We included detailed structural details of EBOV along with all the available therapeutics against EBOV disease. We have also highlighted current developments and recent advances in therapeutic approaches against Ebola virus disease (EVD).

Discussion: The development of preventive vaccines against the virus is proving to be a successful effort as of now; however, problems concerning logistics, product stability, multi- dosing, and patient tracking are prominent in West Africa. Monoclonal antibodies that target EBOV proteins have also been developed and approved in the clinic; however, no small drug molecules that target these viral proteins have cleared clinical trials. An understanding of clinically approved vaccines and their shortcomings also serves an important purpose for researchers in vaccine design in choosing the right vector, antigen, and particular physicochemical properties that are critical for the vaccine’s success against the virus across the world.

Conclusion: Our work brings together a comprehensive review of all available prophylactic and therapeutic medications developed and under development against the EBOV, which will serve as a guide for researchers in pursuing the most promising drug discovery strategies against the EBOV and also explore novel mechanisms of fighting against EBOV infection.

Keywords: Ebola virus, structure of EBOV, vaccines, drug molecules, antibodies, biologics.

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