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Systematic Review Article

Bibliometric Analysis to Improve Combined Treatment Strategies for Glioblastoma in America

Author(s): José Molina-García, David Vázquez, Ernesto Piñón, Alonso Portilla, Martha Lilia Tena-Suck, Angel Lee and Carmen Rubio*

Volume 20, Issue 6, 2024

Published on: 05 January, 2024

Page: [578 - 587] Pages: 10

DOI: 10.2174/0115733947279948231213190721

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Abstract: Introduction: Bibliometric analysis quantitatively examines scientific literature to extract insights. This article has conducted such analysis on glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) treatment articles. GBM, a prevalent brain tumor, is typically treated with surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy.

Objectives: The article aimed to bibliometrically analyze articles discussing combined GBM treatment to identify impactful research areas and encourage collaboration.

Materials and Methods: The study encompassed a comprehensive search in the Scopus database, spanning articles published from 1974 to 2022. Inclusion criteria encompassed research conducted in the Americas, both clinical and experimental. A total of 772 articles were collected and categorized based on their primary focus on combined treatment approaches.

Results: Clinical studies constituted 52% of articles, suggesting a slight dominance. The analysis unveiled key research moments, including a 1998 focus shift and a pivotal 2005 study on temozolomide- radiation combination. Top journals, trends, and authors were identified, with the USA leading in contributions.

Discussions: Despite high brain tumor incidence, research distribution discrepancy is concerning. Regional epidemiological studies have been endorsed. The dominance of US and German authors in GBM collaboration has raised equity issues due to budget and GDP disparities limiting Latin American representation.

Conclusion: GBM research in the region is dominated by the USA, while contributions from Latin American countries remain limited. The absence of comprehensive epidemiological studies on GBM in Latin America is concerning, considering the evident impact of the disease in the region. This underscores the urgent need for increased research participation and collaboration to advance the understanding and treatment of GBM across Latin American nations.

Keywords: Bibliometry, glioblastoma, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, temozolomide, cancer.

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